NLG is an accelerator and a fund for Technology, Network and Security startups. NLG was founded in 2007.

The goal of NLG is to help people and projects to grow, however alien and disruptive they may sound. The people behind NLG have created many companies and projects including Worldnet (ISP), INTRINsec (Security consulting), Qualys (Security SaaS), Biodecycle (greentech), P1 Security (Telecom Security), TSTF (Security Research), eGPL (alternative licensing), /tmp/lab (hackerspace), Immunapp (Mobile security).

NLG is composed of entrepreneurs who went through the startup creation as well as very specialized professionals of many domains. Non Linear Group helps other non-linear people grow through learning experience. That’s why not only commercial startup projects are encouraged and supported by NLG, but also technology projects, open-source projects and non-profit projects. We believe there are many ways to learn, and that many different learning experiences lead to many innovative, even disruptive creations.

Non Linear Group offers multiple ways of collaboration:

You have a project, you want to show us

Welcome, you can contact us anytime and we will consider mentoring and investing through NLG.

You have no project, you want to learn

Becoming a CTO or CEO or VP Marketing can be accelerated.

We excubate our own projects and place you into assisting CxO position during the build-up, discovery, development and ramp-up phase. That means that everything we do when being interim CxO is done with you as a direct assisting partner. At anytime, you can “take over” this position and become the CxO position you were learning about: CTO, CEO, etc.